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Anthony Barrow pauses momentarily, then lets fire a volley of praise and anecdotal evidence about how and why The Base has helped his company double its turnover.

When he finishes he grins and asks “Is that enough?”

The managing director of Iris Networks, which provides monitoring, trouble-shooting and security to corporates’ wifi and core networks is in no doubt that the move in to the Dallam Lane tech and engineering hub has ‘turbo-charged’ his business.  And with clients as impressive as Sky, EDF Energy, Citi Bank and FCO, you can understand how.

“It’s made it easier to recruit the high-skilled people we need and demonstrated our strength and quality to existing and potential clients,” he says.

“Moreover, the equipment manufacturers with whom we work have become more proactive with us as they see that our home and team reflect their own brand values and standards.  It’s a sort of virtuous circle, with The Base as the fulcrum.”

The Base is designed to support start-up and early-stage enterprises and Anthony says that the advice and support available in-house and via a range of partners has been a big help.

“It’s great to have a landlord that thinks about how they can help us, then puts us together with people that can support our growth and development.  We’re now in detailed talks with Lancaster University about a ground-breaking project with a major corporate partner and the team at The Base helped us put it all together.  I’ve never seen that with a landlord before.”

Such proactivity, says Anthony, extends beyond business support.  “It’s the little things, like leaving a spare office open so that if you need to have a private conversation you can just pop in and use the space.  And they are right on top of house-keeping and maintenance.  When clients come in they comment how pristine the place is and we’re now hosting client training sessions and seminars here, which we couldn’t do before.”

Revenue has doubled as a result and staff numbers have grown, says Anthony.  “When you get the wind in your sails it’s amazing how quickly things can progress.  Having a prestigious address offering proactive support has been key.”

Having like-minded neighbours helps, too, says Anthony.  He says the building acts like its own eco-system, with neighbours meeting up at networking events and off their own bat to explore how they can work together.  And it’s leading to further growth, too.

“We’ve began collaborating with a neighbour down the corridor on a really interesting project and it’s that sort of thing that makes this place feel so special.”

Anthony says he’s confident Iris Networks will continue on its growth curve and believes that The Base will continue its own growth to become one of the north’s leading tech and engineering hubs.  “It’s great to be part of it,” he concludes.

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