Productivity proves Meritec make the perfect partner

The squeeze on public finances and Brexit uncertainty may be giving organisations of all stripes major headaches but when it comes to helping them do more for less, one Base tenant has become their go-to advisor.

Meritec specialises in IT solutions that deliver significant workplace productivity gains and the company has found a ready audience amongst hard-pressed councils and cash-conscious businesses the length and breadth of the country.

Explaining the company’s success, Adam Wilkinson says that it’s not just the fact that the systems and integration packages they offer drive performance gains, it’s because downstream adjustments are easy and intuitive.

“Much of what we deliver can be adjusted by what we call an ‘intelligent user’.  It means clients don’t have to call on our technical support, and the costs associated with that, to make logical adjustments as their organisations flex and change.”

The approach makes Meritec competitive not just at point of purchase, but in terms of downstream costs – and gives the client confidence that they can grow with the technology and systems, rather buying it with a pre-ordained sense of its obsolescence.   It’s something that appeals particularly to the company’s public sector clients.

“Public agencies can be very dynamic places, having to adjust quickly to new service demands, funding regimes and changes in public behaviour and the last thing they want is to be chopping and changing their systems and technology all the time.  We provide an holistic view of their requirements, knit things together for them and provide products and an approach that help them drive performance,” explains Adam.

It’s a mature sector and one that has traditionally been dominated by the big consultancy practices but Adam and his team spotted a shift in sentiment and a recognition that smaller suppliers were more innovative and nimble.  In seeking to plug a hole they have found a ready customer base who see significant benefits in dealing with a company of Meritec’s size.

“Our values of driving client care and relationships are easier to deliver across a smaller, focused team,” explains Adam, “so customers really feel it when they deal with us.  The local authority market is very self-contained and there’s a lot of sharing of best practice between neighbouring authorities which has created numerous opportunities for us,” a comment which goes some way to explaining how Meritec has managed to land contracts from Devon to Cumbria and London to Yorkshire from its home at The Base.

The private sector is just as enthusiastic, with former clients such as ITV and current customers like JCT600 seeking the company’s support as they respond to the opportunities and challenges of Industry 4.0 and what that means for systems integration, new product development and process engineering, among much more.

“Integrating complex systems and helping clients improve staff and process performance as well as the user experience is a key part of our skill set and an obvious area to address in terms of productivity gains.  Whilst there are common threads for all clients, each needs a bespoke solution and we can provide that.”

There seems no end to the possibilities for growth in the current market, believes Adam, but he credits being at The Base as a key component to success.

“Being in a technology hub surrounded by like-minded organisations has allowed Meritec to share and grow ideas and digital strategies with companies who have similar targets and ways of working.  It’s the perfect foundation for growth.”


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