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If you discovered that your latest project only had a 50% chance of success how would you feel?

Disappointed? Most probably.  A little fretful?  Almost certainly.

One thing is certain: you would want to improve those odds – and one tenant at The Base knows exactly how SAP users can do so.

We’re talking about Resulting’s SAP Success Optimizer.

For the uninitiated, SAP is one of the world’s biggest software companies, creating software for large corporations.  Around 80 per cent of Fortune 500 companies use SAP, so it’s big business.

Resulting is unique in the world of SAP consultancy because it specialises in post go-live expertise and business-side consultancy, helping companies achieve their business goals with SAP.

“SAP can be a big and complicated beast,” explains Stuart Browne, Resulting’s Managing Director.

“We work on the business side, helping customers get the most out of SAP’s transformative potential.”

It’s a unique space and clients often select Resulting, says Stuart, because they need a consultancy that can help them “underpin their SAP knowledge” and help them get the most out of the large systems integrators that they’ve brought in to implement SAP.

“It’s often a very strategic decision, putting us in an advisory position alongside their other main delivery partner to ensure the implementation is effective.  It’s a mark of our expertise and comfort with SAP,” says Stuart.

The company is growing and was recently ranked #17 in the North’s fastest growing Tech companies.  The Base has proven a perfect home for attracting the skilled staff that are required to work in such a technical field, says Stuart.

“Talented people can work anywhere so providing them with a home in which they are comfortable and productive is key.”

Resulting’s focus is now on promoting its SAP Success Optimizer which uses research-backed, data-driven insights to analyse SAP projects and identify hidden failure points.

In a sector where the opinion of a Big 5 consultancy firm can have a significant impact on how an SAP Programme is delivered, the SAP Success Optimizer provides a welcome and objective alternative.

“Nothing succeeds like success and we’re confident our SAP Success Optimizer will prove that maxim quickly,” added Stuart.

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