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“It’s very simple,” says Andrew Horrocks, co-founder of IT support company Swan Network Solutions, “we just focus on helping SMEs to improve their use of existing and new technology, allowing them to increase productivity and work smarter.”

Making things simple, of course, is never as easy as it sounds – and why relatively few businesses manage to pull it off.  So, what’s the key?

“Our approach is to inform and advise, so business leaders have the knowledge and guidance to make their own decisions about change.  Clients tell me that this honest approach is refreshing and creates a trusted relationship,” suggests Andrew.

In turn, he says, clients renew their support with the firm year-on-year and come to them for ongoing help and advice, which has put the company on its current growth trajectory.

Swan Solutions’ move to The Base in Dallam Lane has brought an added boost, he believes.  “It’s a great reflection of our business status which instils client confidence when they visit.  It also elevates our public image and provides staff with a wonderful working environment.  We’re now holding regular client seminars, workshops and presentations in the building, whereas previously we would always pick a neutral venue or visit the client’s premises.  We recently won our largest contract ever partially due to the move and we are planning for further growth.”

The company, which currently employs five experts across a range of business technology disciplines, believes that there is substantial scope for growth just in the Warrington market alone.  “Every business needs technology in order to be efficient and competitive, so our immediate targets are to increase market share within the Warrington area so local organisations can benefit from our business-focused approach to IT,” says Andrew.

His aim is for Swan Solutions to be known by all business leaders in Warrington and respected as the primary source of business technology information, advice and support.

At the start of a client relationship the company takes into account primary factors which will affect the services and recommendations that they are offered.  “Where budget is a primary concern we work to deliver the best solution affordable.  It’s more important, however, for a business to have the right technology in place to keep them secure and improve profits through increased efficiency and productivity.”

Andrew believes that the headwinds lie in issues such as GDPR and malware attacks.
State-sponsored hacks are likely to become more common, he says, and argues that the key to avoiding issues such as ‘Ransomware’, which crippled the NHS last year, is to ensure that you have the right infrastructure set up correctly from the outset and continuously take expert advice to stay updated and protected.

“I genuinely enjoy helping businesses improve how they operate and I know that our services would add value to any business.  We now offer a free audit to Warrington SMEs to help them identify what computer systems they have, highlight security threats and list recommendations for change.  Our audit contributes towards evidence of GDPR compliance as it will provide an asset list and highlight issues that need to be fixed.”

Andrew says he sees ‘more talk than action’ around GDPR and has focused his efforts on helping clients take affordable action so they can introduce simple measures to reduce risk and make them more compliant.

The move to The Base has prompted wider investment in Swan Solutions, says Andrew, which he expects to deliver further growth.

“As part of the move we further invested in the business by updating our website, introducing new technology, employing more staff and focusing on staff training and motivation.”

The company has recruited another senior engineer and demonstrated their community commitment by employing another apprentice.

“It’s certainly an exciting time for us and it’s been a great move for Swan Solutions,” Andrew concludes.



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