1st December 2017

Seize the day – Carpe Diem Success Story

Expert panel of guests

Carpe Diem, the web development agency and  tenants at The Base, have just begun their WWW mission by hosting a Tech North investors workshop in our event space.

Building on the launch of WA Digital (the most read story on Tech North’s website), Carpe Diem are looking to attract ‘pioneers’ to Warrington’s Wild West (WWW).

They see digital businesses in the WA postcodes as an, as yet, unmined ‘frontier’ for innovators and disruptors.

So alongside a project to realise a tech incubator (in Warrington Town Centre) and a new division, due to launch next year, offering consultancy support for start-ups; Carpe Diem are also looking to source angels and venture capitalists who will invest in new businesses.

For these investors (some of whom made up the event audience), Carpe Diem’s new division will also consult on innovation due diligence and that subject – along with tax and legal considerations – framed much of the conversation during the workshop.

With panellists including Stuart Browne (founder of Resulting IT), another tenant at The Base, the twenty four attendees debated personal intuition (over coffee introductions) to the apparently ingrained culture of risk aversion amongst Northerners – who invest in traditional business models but not so much in tech.

Despite this last insight/opinion, the event was the best attended of a series of Tech North workshops, across their catchment, and that fact, alongside appreciating Carpe Diem’s mission, drew Richard Gregory, Director of Tech North to this, the first appearance of Tech North in Warrington.

With the digital expertise accessible West of the Thelwall Viaduct, we hope Tech North’s support for Carpe Diem’s WWW campaign continues to bring investors and entrepreneurs (particularly those from Industry 4.0) through the doors of The Base.

For more information on the community we’re building here please email Sylvie Morton or call 01925 909 777