Advanced Manufacturing

The Base is located at the heart of some of the major advanced manufacturing clusters in the North West of England, from Aerospace and Automotive to Nuclear and Utilities. This makes it the perfect location to develop new technologies related to:

+ Automation
+ Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
+ Rapid prototyping and 3D printing
+ Additive manufacturing

In addition, The Base is located next to the Science and Engineering University Technical College, which has recently invested £1 million in manufacturing and engineering equipment.


Engineering is one of the most important sector in Cheshire and Warrington. Civil, mechanical, electrical, electronic and chemical engineering skills present across the manufacturing, construction and utilities sectors are matched by a complementary concentration of consulting engineering businesses. These support the manufacturing and energy sectors as well as supporting investment in infrastructure not only across the region or the UK but also with a thriving export element. National and international investment in energy and infrastructure projects represent a very large opportunity for companies in the sector.

Areas of particular interest include:

+ Virtual engineering
+ Instrumentation and measurement
+ 3D CAD engineering
+ Consulting engineering
+ Software engineering

44,000 people in Cheshire and Warrington are employed within the category of Professional, scientific and technical activities with 8,400 (35.5{e3083b46dab3e17d33282228409fadf8c509e505bd49ac1b59da8096ce24e4fb}) employed in Consulting engineering and related technical consultancy, providing a dense local talent pool for growing businesses.

The Base is also well placed to access the wealth of Science and Technology assets which are part of the Cheshire Science Corridor, providing businesses with world class resources.

Industry 4.0: Unleash the potential

Industry 4.0 or the Fourth Industrial Revolution represents new ways in which technology becomes embedded within societies. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked by emerging technology breakthroughs in a number of fields, including robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and simulation The Internet of Things, big data, 3D printing and autonomous vehicles.

These technologies are transforming modern manufacturing by enabling the generation and analysis of digital data that supports the development of smarter products, smarter processes and smarter supply chains This is creating unprecedented opportunities for UK manufacturing businesses and supply chains to optimise productivity and competitiveness.

How do businesses benefit from Industry 4.0:

+ Mass-customisation of products to suit customer demands
+ More flexible processes
+ Real-time data on processes and equipment.
+ More efficient maintenance
+ Faster product development
+ Opportunities to access new markets and supply chains

With 36,000 people employed in computer programming, consultancy and related activities within a 30 minute drive of Warrington, combined with the wealth of engineering skills locally, the area is well placed to play a major part in the fourth industrial revolution.

The Base provides a collaborative and innovative space to develop these technologies and encourages cross-sector innovation between the engineering and digital sectors.