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Modern office space
to let in Warrington

We are more than just office space;
we are a community.

If you are looking for modern, flexible office and co-working spaces to let in Warrington, then you have found it with The Base.

We are home to start-ups, SME’s and industry leaders within the digital/tech and advanced engineering sectors.

Offices can accommodate
2 – 20 people.

Find your base today and get more space, support, collaboration and the environment to thrive.

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"Being in a technology hub surrounded by like-minded organisations has allowed Meritec to share and grow ideas and digital strategies with companies who have similar targets and ways of working. It’s the perfect foundation for growth.”

Adam Wilkinson

"Having a home in The Base has been critical for PixelTree’s ability to attract both staff and clients. I’ve never come across a building that works so hard to sustain its own eco-system and encourage inter-trading. It’s a pleasure to be part of it.”

James Hamilton
Pixel Tree Media

"The building represents our brand standards perfectly and it’s a great environment to be in. We’re collaborating with neighbours and enjoy the networking events and want to lock-in to more of the same.”

Mike Watson
Q NINE Partners


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