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9 Holy Christmas

As the year comes to an end, it was time for The Base annual competition. This year we held a mini golf championship. Tenant teams went up against each other to see who was the Rory McIlroy of the bunch. The ‘pop up’ course was provided by Putting Edge and was a challenge to all.

Tee times went from 10am until 3pm, the teams played the unforgiving course trying to get into the final. Swan Solutions, Avanite, Iris Networks, Cube 32 Studios & Simple Solutions all made the cut.

The final that took place from 4pm upped the ante a little bit, you could see the nerves through the once steady hands of the guys at Avanite. The faint-hearted opted to head over to the 19th hole to grab a festive snack and drink. After ‘ironing out’ previous errors the Swan Solutions two-ball of Steve Nicholls and Andrew Horrocks sank their last putt and took home the trophy as the overall champions.

The Base thanks everyone for coming and enjoying a great afternoon. Congratulations to Swan Solutions the inaugural winners of our Annual Christmas competition! We hope to see everyone same time, same place next year.

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