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Planning Business Growth with The Base

After a January that lasted a lifetime, we ended the month with an event looking at the year ahead. The topic was ‘Planning Business Growth’, we had a room full of eager business owners scribbling down notes and asking questions throughout, a great start to our year of events.

Following a short introduction from The Base Business Development Manager Sylvie Morton, we were handed over to Steve Burgin of Appleton Advisory. Steve provided a wealth of knowledge and was enjoyed by the whole audience who were concentrated on getting everything down on paper.

Steve took us through the stages a business should take in achieving growth and shared an orbit diagram which interestingly only one member of the audience had heard of. The diagram highlights your growth objectives and how your numbers should line up, a very useful tool for a growing business.

Overall the biggest advice was to “Evolve your plans as your business changes”. Revisit regularly, don’t forget about it for 3 years – as this will help you keep focus on your objectives.

Tying in nicely with Steve was Bren Hutchinson’s topic of sustainable business growth. Bren, who runs BH Associates talked us through her experiences and how she started out as a chartered accountant working her way up to where she is today.

Bren hit the audience with questions like ‘Does your identity fit with your strategy?’ to get us all thinking on a cold Wednesday morning. Bren also ensured that the audience understood the key importance of tight financial control to sustain the growth. The key point highlighted was communication, and having a plan that all of the organisation understood. This kept popping up from both speakers, as the main point for focus.

As notepads filled with advice and ideas, the floor opened to questions with Bren and Steve both happy to help with anything that came at them. Offering both their past experiences and ways to improve going forward. As usual, the question and answer session proved to be one of the most helpful parts of the event.

After making their way through all of the questions the event finished with the guest speakers inviting attendees for a 1-1 chat or coffee and offering the event slides for any notes that were missed.

At The Base, we have Bi-monthly business events where we provide our BaseConnect members with expert guest speakers and a great chance to network. Our next event ‘Employee Engagement’ will take place on the 21st of March, book it in your diary’s now

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