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Recruiting tech talents: have you explored all avenues?

If you’re looking for new recruits, the chances are you’ll engage the services of a recruitment agency, advertise on well-known job sites, take a slot with specialist publications and maybe post something on LinkedIn. There’s nothing wrong with doing any of these. They can often get you brilliant results, but they’re not the only way of finding fresh talent. In fact, they might not even be the most effective, or give you the best value-for-money.

So, let’s look at some of the other options out there you might want to consider.

Code Nation

If you’ve never thought about using Code Nation to look for new recruits, we’d suggest checking it out as soon as possible. What’s great about it is that it teaches students coding and IT skills they’ll use in the world of work, like software development, cyber security, and data and analytical skills, as well as business and personal skills.

There are no entry requirements for courses on offer, so you’ll find people of all ages and experience looking to start out in work or retrain in something new. Everyone who’s been on one of the courses leaves armed with digital skills they’ll be able to use somewhere in your business.

The Base is also a Code Nation Pledger, which means we can help shape the course curriculum and get early access to candidates. And, unlike with recruitment agency, there are no fees to pay for finding successful candidates – please get in touch if you’d like to know more about this.

Try before you buy

Universities can be a good place to look for new blood too. They’re actively pushing students towards internships while they’re doing their degree, as it makes them more attractive to people thinking about studying at certain institutions and provides them with valuable work experience.

Internships are also seen as an important stepping-stone to work by students, so anyone on one will be keen to impress, especially if they think there could be a full-time position available afterwards. Think about creating graduate positions too. People in this role will also want to make their mark and will usually be happy to undergo a trial period to prove they’re worth employing.

If they do a great job and fit in, you can offer them something more permanent. And if they’re not so great, you can say goodbye after the trial. This ‘try before you buy’ approach could be cheaper than using a recruitment agency.

Play the long game

The approaches above are all about finding someone quickly, but sometimes you might want to develop and build your workforce for the future. A way to do this is through an apprenticeship. Lasting anywhere from 18 months to four years, you can offer apprentices valuable experience and help them learn key skills while they study.

One benefit is that you can get involved in tailoring the content of the course any apprentices will do, which can help you plug any skills gaps you need. Apprenticeships can also be cost effective if you are an SME, as you’ll only have to pay 5% of the training and assessment costs (the government picks up the rest).

There are lots of avenues to go down when you’re looking to find tech talent. Make sure you explore them all.

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