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Trends in Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is commonly known as the fourth industrial revolution. This revolution “in which computers and automation will come together in an entirely new way*” will spearhead how humans and computers come together and impact the world of manufacturing, engineering, and digital technology. Increased connectivity and the amount and usage of data has become a trend at the forefront of the digital and manufacturing sectors and will also have overflow effect and opportunity for other markets and industries.

As with all industry changes, there are trends that emerge which offer an insight into the current changing landscape and what is likely to come ahead. Below are some of the latest trends in Industry 4.0 we’re most excited about!

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is the approach of using software to identify faulty or end-of-life technologies and machinery before they break and cause a manufacturing delay. The common way to identify faulty machinery is to insert a sensor that identifies a slowdown in productivity. This type of technology will surely become standard as the world looks for more precise and forward-thinking efficiency methods.

Activating AI

Across the last few years artificial intelligence (AI) has become more of a discussion topic, but in Industry 4.0 the benefits are quickly growing. Being able to change production line settings or identify poor quality** has been a major part of production for decades, but now data mixed with high-end computer systems is allowing AI to make these discoveries where plain sight was not able to. AI is becoming a key component of the fourth revolution and a core trend of innovation.


Although cybersecurity is hardly a new advancement, as we begin to live and interact in this new phase of industry and become more reliant on intelligent technology we need to be aware of new, potential dangers. Anything from faults to criminal activity, and also learning how best to prevent them from happening and stop if they do happen, is paramount. This is why cybersecurity advancements will move hand-in-hand with the growth of the industry. As manufacturing merges itself with online and cloud activities, being aware of the dangers** is as important as embracing the opportunities it provides.


*What Everyone Must Know About Industry

** How Artificial Intelligence will change the face of manufacturing.

*** Why manufacturers need better defenses


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