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Value Proposition canvas highlights “the scalability and opportunity for growth The Base provides”

A collaborative workshop has brought together tenants and revealed the key benefits of The Base. The natural networking and the professional image it gives to the businesses were the top of the list.

Hosted by Richard Jeffrey of Business Navigators, the workshop took tenants through the Value Proposition and how it can enhance a business’s products and services.

Richard, who has run workshops for everyone from Rolls Royce to The United Nations, shared a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Having prepared his own curated Value Proposition canvas to work off (which was also available for use after the event), tenants applied the same thinking to their own businesses and constructed a canvas of their own.

Lots of great networking was also going on around the room with commercial opportunities coming from a better understanding of each other’s enterprises.

The Base is a great place for those seeking collaboration and growth, where tenants interact with each other.  The Base team regularly bring thought leaders like Richard into the building to help support the tenants on specialist topics.

If you would like to find out more about The Base and its full offer to tenants, please get in touch here

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